Jennifer Frey, L.Ac.

Jennifer Frey, L.Ac.

Our mission is to help you create a sense of health and well- being in your life. We can help you improve your quality of life by utilizing holistic medicine techniques proven effective over thousands of years. We will help you understand your body's needs and give you tools to make positive lifestyle changes so that you can be healthy for the long-term.

The bodyís natural state is health and well-being. The body wants to be healthy and at ease. Pain and pathology arise because of physical, emotional, spiritual and environmental challenges. My clinical goal is to provide a serene healing environment and practical tools that will help each patient reconnect to their optimum health and well-being.

My journey into this healing profession of Acupuncture and East Asian medicine started in 1995 after three auto accidents in one year had me living in constant pain. It took only one acupuncture treatment to reduce the severe pain I was living with for almost nine months to almost nothing. I was sold on this ancient medical treatment.

It was another series of events that lead me to the practitioner who was to change my life. I witnessed first-hand how powerful acupuncture, with its holistic approach of treating body, mind and spirit, can be in supporting health and well-being.

Jennifer Frey, L.Ac.

I decided to enroll in courses to find out more and from the very first class I knew I was in the right place. I have a natural desire to help people and I have found a platform which can blend my compassion and caring for people with knowledge and understanding of a medicine which for thousands of years has helped people attain optimum health and well-being - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

I graduated from Emperorís College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, CA in 2002 with a four year Masterís degree in Tradition Chinese Medicine. I am certified through NCCAOM, National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and am licensed to practice in both Washington state and Florida.

A native of Washington state, I returned back to my roots and opened my practice, Serenity Acupuncture, in Sequim, WA in early 2003. I have since enjoyed a successful practice, treating thousands of people for everything from back pain and headaches to fibromyalgia and fertility to insomnia and severe depression.

Through successfully treating many patients over the years, I have come to realize that acupuncture offers so much more than just short-term pain or symptom relief. Acupuncture has the unique ability to balance oneís life in a variety of ways, by improving sleep, lowering stress levels, improving digestion and otherwise boosting patient vitality and well-being.

My style of treatment is very individualized and personal incorporating my training in various styles of East Asian medicine and acupuncture as well as massage (acupressure/tui na), qi gong, reiki, nutritional counseling and life coaching support. I focus on treating the whole person, not just symptoms and I am deeply interested in the connection between mind, body and spirit.

I aim to empower clients to take an active role in their healing. Over my years in practice I have witnessed time and again the innate healing power that each person has, and the amazing effect that acupuncture has to activate this power within each person.

Serenity Acupuncture Clinic
Serenity Acupuncture

What sets the Serenity Acupuncture Clinic apart?

  1. All treatment takes place in our professional and inviting clinic, in a relaxing and serene setting.
  2. Jennifer brings an authentic and compassionate way of healing through her unique background incorporating both traditional and modern acupuncture techniques.
  3. We take our time with you Ė an hour to 90 minutes per visit is typical.
  4. We aim to educate and empower patients so that they can take an active role in their healing.
  5. At Serenity Acupuncture Clinic your treatment specifically reflects your unique and individual needs.
  6. We love what we do and are devoted to top quality patient care.
Serenity Acupuncture