Serenity Acupuncture provides natural and holistic healing through the powerful

and time proven treatment of Acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

Please join me in a partnership for your health and well-being.

  • Are you struggling with chronic health issues and are you looking for natural and effective solutions?

  • Are you frustrated and feeling like you have run out of options for  your persistent health problems?

  • Do you notice that your mind is always ‘on’ and that you are unable to fully relax and enjoy your life?

  • Are you looking for a way to be pro-active in your healthcare and improve your quality of life?


My clinical goal is to provide a serene healing environment and practical tools

that will help each patient reconnect to their optimum health and well-being.



As a Licensed Acupuncturist and East Asian Medicine Practitioner I have owned and operated Serenity Acupuncture since 2003. I enjoy what I do and it has been a pleasure serving the Sequim community for over fifteen years.

My holistic acupuncture practice is thriving and it is a joy and honor to help the people of our community to improve their health and their quality of life.


Sets Apart

What sets the Serenity Acupuncture & Jennifer apart?

All treatment takes place in our professional and inviting clinic, in a relaxing and serene setting. Jennifer brings an authentic and compassionate way of healing through her unique background incorporating both traditional and modern acupuncture techniques.

We take our time with you – an hour to 90 minutes per visit is typical. We aim to educate and empower patients so that they can take an active role in their healing.

At Serenity Acupuncture your treatment specifically reflects your unique and individual needs. We love what we do and are devoted to top quality patient care.

Relieve Stress  &  Eliminate Pain

             Generate Energy  &  Vitality

                                     Enhance Your Well-Being

                                                                    Improve Your Quality of Life





Are you are ready to find answers to your health problems

 and begin your journey to optimal health?

                              Your new approach to being a healthy person –

                          The process starts here.

Photo’s of our new clinic……